Abdullah Bareen

Listen as Abdullah Bareen reflects on his co-supervision experience, highlighting the advantages of having supervisors in two world-leading universities.

Abdullah is part of the UQ–IITD Academy of Research joint PhD initiative and is currently undertaking his studies at UQ before returning to India to complete his research.

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Alok Ray

“The UQ campus is a place where you can be yourself and succeed as the person you are. The ambiance of the campus is great due to lustrous green grounds, surrounding trees with birds and nice weather. The most suitable time to enjoy the vibes of UQ campus is the evening time near UQ lake because of cool wind from Brisbane river with the sounds of birds returning to their shed.”

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Sudeep Banad

“I had the best year of my life in Brisbane, professionally got to work on something new and challenging, learnt a lot from experienced faculty and colleagues met some lovely people and enjoyed the warmth of Aussie culture and would love to go back whenever I get the chance.”

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Vallari Chourasia

“My supervisor Professor Robert Henry, the epitome of motivation and sovereign humility and genuineness, has been my strongest support and a guiding light throughout the UQ journey…His group welcomed me with a warm heart, and we all became friends instantaneously. His group is culturally diverse, and we would celebrate birthdays and festivals with our traditional delicacies within the group. While his Lab is exceptionally well equipped; every group member is always ready to learn, share and help, apart from regular discussions during meetings and presentations.”

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