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Akshay Satishkumar Baheti

Life-Cycle Risk Assessment of RC Structures under Earthquake and Fire

Fragility and risk assessments of reinforced concrete (RC) structures against various design loads and their combinations is required to be conducted for evaluating structural vulnerability. This is typically done at the design stage. However, during the service (design) life of a civil engineering ...

UQ Supervisor

Dr David Lange

School of Civil Engineering
IITD Supervisor

Professor Vasant Matsagar

Department of Civil Engineering
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Vallari Chourasia

Catalytic Conversion of Sugarcane Bagasse into Aromatics and High-Value Platform Chemicals

Biomass offers considerable advantages in the form of bioenergy over conventional fossil fuels. It may be attributed to its renewability and carbon neutrality that makes it a source of cleaner fuel and high-value chemicals. However, it is worth noticing that majority of high-efficiency processes rep...

UQ Supervisor

Professor Robert Henry

Queensland Alliance for Agriculture and Food Innovation (QAAFI)
IITD Supervisor

Professor K.K. Pant

Department of Chemical Engineering
Agriculture and EnvironmentEngineering
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Mohammad Bareen

Designing functionalised sweetmeat through 3D food printing

India is the largest producer of milk in the world with milk and milk products being an integral part of Indian diet and culture. About 50-55% of milk produced in India is converted into a variety of milk products through processes such as heat-desiccation, heat-acid coagulation and fermentation. He...

UQ Supervisor

Dr Sangeeta Prakash

School of Agriculture & Food Sciences
IITD Supervisor

Associate professor Jatindra K Sahu

Centre for Rural Development and Technology
Agriculture and EnvironmentScience and MathematicsEngineering
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Madhumita Ramakrishna

Student Classroom Behavioural Issues in India and a Digital health Behaviour Management Intervention for Teachers

Rationale Recent education policy in India (2013) has focussed on increasing education participation by students from rural and disadvantaged areas. Misbehaviour affects learning, and unclear prevalence of misbehaviours brings concerns about training rural teachers to manage these misbehaviours. Epi...

UQ Supervisor

Dr Matthew Bambling

Centre for Digital Health
IITD Supervisor

Professor Purnima Singh

Department of Humanities & Social Sciences
MedicineHealth and Behavioural SciencesHumanitiesSocial Sciences and Education
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Akshay Bhyri

Flexibility Assessment and Strengthening of existing conventional power grids for large-scale renewable energy integration – Theoretical/ Modelling based research.

Power system security is adversely affected by intermittent wind and the variability of solar PV based generation. High penetration of wind and solar can affect three types of stabilities, which need to be comprehensively studied to ensure a secure and highly reliable power system. The figure below ...

UQ Supervisor

Professor Tapan Saha

School of Information Technology and Electrical Engineering
IITD Supervisor

Professor Nilanjan Senroy

Department of Electrical Engineering
EngineeringIT and Computer Science
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Polymer Nanocomposites for Advanced Gas Barrier Applications

Polymer Nanocomposites are a new class of materials with much superior properties such as mechanical, thermal, flame ratardancy, gas barrier etc. They are mixtures of a polymer matrix and reinforcing filler that have at least one dimension in nanometer range. The uniform dispersion of 2D- layered na...

UQ Supervisor

Professor Darren Martin

Australian Institute for Bioengineering and Nanotechnology (AIBN)
IITD Supervisor

Professor Mangala Joshi

Department of Textile and Fibre Engineering
EngineeringScience and Mathematics
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Sudeep Banad

Impact of Changing Flood Characteristics on River Morphology

Globally, the morphological structure of the river networks is undergoing significant changes in the recent past. The disturbance in the morphology has made significantly negative impact on the ecosystem dependent on it.

UQ Supervisor

Associate Professor Yongping Wei

School of Earth and Environmental Sciences
IITD Supervisor

Professor Dhanya C. T.

Department of Civil Engineering
Agriculture and Environment