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IITD Supervisor Engineering Science and Mathematics

Assistant Professor Tarak Karmakar

Department of Chemistry

External Supervisor Engineering IT and Computer Science

Professor Thomas Bräunl

Electrical, Electronic and Computer Engineering, The University of Western Australia (UWA)

UQ Supervisor Engineering

Associate professor Thomas Rufford

School of Chemical Engineering

UQ Supervisor IT and Computer Science Science and Mathematics

Dr Thomas Taimre

School of Mathematics and Physics

UQ Supervisor Engineering

Dr Travis Mitchell

School of Mechanical and Mining Engineering

IITD Supervisor Humanities Social Sciences and Education

Associate professor Upasna Sharma

School of Public Policy

IITD Supervisor

Professor V. Ramgopal Rao

Former Director
Indian Institute of Technology Delhi

IITD Supervisor Medicine Health and Behavioural Sciences

Associate professor Varsha Singh

Department of Humanities and Social Sciences

IITD Supervisor Engineering

Assistant professor Varun Ramamohan

Department of Mechanical Engineering

IITD Supervisor Engineering

Professor Vasant Matsagar

Department of Civil Engineering