Abhinav Dewangan

About Abhinav

Abhinav is a Structural Engineering graduate from NIT, Raipur, India and completed his master’s Dissertation work from CSIR-CBRI, Roorkee, India. His thesis explored experimental and analytical methods of assessing Cold-Formed Steel Wall-Panels. He has three years of comprehensive experience in Structural Analysis & Design of Critical Enabling Structures for Water & Effluent Treatment IC at L&T Construction Ltd. He has gained specialization in hilly terrain Irrigational & Industrial Pipe laying, Tunnel & Deep Construction Enabling Structures & planning and Special Formworks. Leveraging Industrial & Research experience his research interest is aligned towards developing better & sustainable solutions for Underground Infrastructures.

Project details

Resilience of Underground Infrastructure – Use of Digital Engineering

Understanding the opportunities of creating resilient and liveable communities through the usage of underground space development and digital engineering by incorporating Life Cycle Sustainability Assessment.

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UQ Supervisor

Associate professor Jurij Karlovsek

School of Civil Engineering
IITD Supervisor

Professor Dipti Sahoo

Department of Civil Engineering