Arnab Dutta

About Arnab

Arnab completed the Integrated Master’s degree in Physics program from Tezpur University, India. Arnab worked on developing an aqueous type dual-ion battery based on Aluminium ion electrolyte for his Master’s project, which was published as a book chapter in Advances in Energy Technology by Springer. His research interests include developing rechargeable batteries beyond Li-ion for a sustainable future. He also has a diploma with distinction in painting and participated in National Level Science Congress in 2012.

Project details

Polyanionic electrode materials for sodium-ion batteries

Research on sodium-ion batteries (NIBs) is motivated by the high cost and rarity of the ingredients in lithium-ion batteries. High energy density and stable electrode materials are key to battery technologies. The objective of this PhD project is to develop cost-effective cathode materials for NIBs.

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UQ Supervisor

Professor George Zhao

School of Chemical Engineering
IITD Supervisor

Associate professor Rajendra S. Dhaka

Department of Physics