Harshal Verma

About Harshal

Harshal completed his Bachelor of Technology in Mining Engineering (Honours) from the Indian Institute of Technology (Banaras Hindu University). During his undergraduate degree, he worked with his supervisor on different fields including ground vibration, numerical simulation and waste utilisation. His primary area of research is dynamic geotechnical analysis.

Project details

Utilization of Mining Wastes as Backfill Material for Mechanically Stabilized Earth (MSE) Walls

Generation of mining wastes is a problem that is common to both Australia and India. To support circular economies in both the countries, it is imperative that these by-products are stabilised and reused effectively. One of their potential usage could be as backfill materials that support mechanically stabilised earth walls. Transportation sector in India, especially involving high speed trains, is to witness a rapid growth in the coming decade. To this end, the proposed project will investigate the case where the railway track traverses a stretch supported by MSE walls. The MSE wall and the backfill will be subjected to gravity, atmospheric and dynamic loads due to moving train as destabilising forces. State of the backfill in terms of its placement condition and exposure to seasonal variation in rainy and dry weather will also play a role in dictating the stability of the wall.

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UQ Supervisor

Professor David Williams

School of Civil Engineering
IITD Supervisor

Associate professor Bappaditya Manna

Department of Civil Engineering