Vasundhara Hemant Krishnani

About Vasundhara

Vasundhara is a wildlife conservationist with a Master of Conservation Science from The University of Queensland, Australia. Alongside her PhD, she is creating impact-based wildlife conservation films. She has worked on National Geographic’s Giants of the Himalayas by Pangea films.

She is an avid photographer who loves to capture nature and its beauty through her camera lens. Her goal is to protect and conserve wild animals and their habitats, providing them with the wild and free life they deserve.

Project details

Unveiling Perspectives, Fostering Conservation: A Bottom-Up Approach to Combatting Illegal Wildlife Trade in Nepal

The project aims are to examine the potential of using honey production in rural communities as a tool for enhancing biodiversity conservation and saving threatened species. The project will examine and map native rhino, elephant and other large mammal conservation and hunting in the Indian sub-continent, including in boundary areas. We will map rural communities in areas that have multiple threatened mammals, focusing on large mammals and will overlap these with rural communities that may benefit from creating alternative income streams, such as honey bee growing. This will allow to prioritise areas where environmentally and economically sustainable income can enhance biodiversity conservation of threatened species, The study will combine fieldwork focused on mammals, mapping of habitat and conflict and collaboration with agricultural experts in the honey industry and environmental economists, with whom we have already established ties and collaborations in the region.

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UQ Supervisor

Professor Salit Kark

School of Biological Sciences
IITD Supervisor

Dr Ajay Saini

Centre for Rural Development and Technology