Vishnu MS

About Vishnu

Vishnu has completed his bachelor’s degree in physics from Government College Madappally, affiliated with Calicut University, and completed a Master’s degree in physics from the Central University of Karnataka. He has worked on ‘Dynamical quantum phase transition happening in many body systems’ as a part of his Master’s project from IISER Berhampur. He has qualified for national exams such as JEST 2021 and GATE 2021. Vishnu’s research interests include Body Quantum Physics and Quantum Thermodynamics.

Project details

A many-body quantum thermal machine with programmable arrays of single atoms

This theoretical project will develop protocols for operating quantum machines built from arrays of tens of individual ultracold atoms. The aim is to generate and utilise many-body coherence and entanglement, via the control of dissipation and interactions, to demonstrate a quantum advantage.

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UQ Supervisor

Professor Matthew Davis

School of Mathematics and Physics
IITD Supervisor

Assistant professor Bodhaditya Santra

Department of Physics