Digital Transactions in India

About this project

Project description

This project will investigate the expansion and evolution of digital transactions in India. Our analysis will consider business models, technological affordances, social impact, policy conditions, and the underlying economics of digital transactions as a structural transformation of everyday exchange.

Our collective aim will be a fuller understanding of the social and economic potentials of digital transactions in India, with a set of policy recommendations to be made to government, at municipal, state and central levels and to industry.

We aim to furnish close relationships with businesses operating in the Fintech domain in India, and especially with those whose operations are transnational and offer potential partnerships with Australia.

Our methodological approach will be both qualitative (including interviews, surveys, business process and policy analysis) and quantitative (including geometric, econometric and user behaviour data).

UQIDAR candidates will consolidate research designs and collect local data (Year1) ; conduct policy analysis in Australia (Year 2). Final data analysis, conclusions and thesis preparation (year 3). The research team as a whole will make policy recommendations to the Governments of India and Australia (Year 4). The programme will run from 2022-25.


This project will:

  • Support Policy Recommendations to Ministries and Regulatory Bodies in India and Australia.
  • Develop New Knowledge Disseminated through Publication in International Journals.
  • Inculcate linkages to Industry Partners in India.

Information for applicants

Essential capabilities

Research Methods Training in Humanities and Social Sciences High Level Writing Skills in English and an Indian Language.

Desireable capabilities

Interview and Social Research Skills Business Process Analysis Industry Experience in the Digital Sector Data Analysis and Visualisation Econometric Analysis.

Expected qualifications (Course/Degrees etc.)

A combination of Bachelors and Masters Qualifications in the following subjects: Management Commerce Sociology Communication and Cultural Studies Information Technology & Systems.

Candidate Discipline

Digital Transactions Fintech Platform Economy Economic Policy.

Project supervisors

Principal supervisors

UQ Supervisor

Associate professor Adrian Athique

School of Communication and Arts
IITD Supervisor

Professor Vigneswara Ilavarasan

Department of Management Studies