Security Analytics of Internet of Things (IoT)

About this project

Project description

Due to the integration of a wide assortment of technologies, including various standards, proprietary communication protocols and heterogeneous platforms, ensuring the security and privacy of the intelligent Internet of Things (IoT) systems becomes challenging. This PhD thesis will focus on the formal modelling and verification of key protocols in IoT integrations. The proposed methodology will be applied to analyse real-world IoT systems to identify and fix protentional security issues.


1) A software toolkit for security analysis of IoT systems
2) 2-3 high-quality publications in venues of cyber security, software engineering and/or formal methods

Information for applicants

Essential capabilities

Excellent programming skills; Strong in mathematics

Desireable capabilities

Excellent English written skills, Exposure to formal reasoning techniques

Expected qualifications (Course/Degrees etc.)

Completed a Bachelor or Master’s degree or equivalent within the field of Computer Science or a closely related field

Candidate Discipline

IoT Cyber security Security analysis

Project supervisors

Principal supervisors

UQ Supervisor

Dr Guangdong Bai

School of Information Technology and Electrical Engineering
IITD Supervisor

Assistant professor Subodh Sharma

Department of Computer Science and Engineering