Written by Neha Singh

One year at UQ was more fantastical than any fiction. Indeed, it’s a beautiful place with huge global diversity. I made many lifetime friends who were just like family.

Neha (pictured left) with fellow students at the annual UQ Thanks You event

One of the best parts about UQ-IIT Delhi joint PhD program is having full student rights in both institutions including access to different high-cost licensing analytical software, research journal articles, amazing online and offline library facilities, multiple travel grants for international conferences, on-campus activities (photos attached) and many more.

I was part of the COVID cohort who spent an entire year away from campus and had great uncertainty about our travel to UQ and any international conferences. Nonetheless, things started looking up when Australia reopened its borders in February 2022, and I finally made my way to UQ. During my stay, I physically attended and presented at two international conferences, one in Adelaide, South Australia and another in Chicago, USA which were fully covered by UQ and IITD research grants. Alongside this, I also presented at various conferences in Brisbane. My self-assurance has skyrocketed thanks to all these presentations, and I no longer recognise the person I used to be.

Celebrating on-campus at the Indian festivals including Holi and Diwali was a delight because even though you may be homesick, your UQ family would make you feel right at home.

I enjoyed attending UQ-IITD events while at UQ such as afternoon teas, where I got a chance to meet and interact with other UQ-IITD fellow students and to meet people such as the Dean of Graduate School and the Pro-Vice-Chancellor Global Partnerships.

I feel very much privileged to be part of UQ-IITD joint PhD program.

Watch Neha as she describes her experience enjoying UQ’s St Lucia campus and exploring the surrounding sights.