​Three UQ-IITD Research Academy scholars have recently been awarded the prestigious Prime Minister’s Research Fellowship (PMRF) scheme.

The Fellowship awards high-achieving students from selected universities with financial assistance, and aims to attract top talent to foster innovation and high-quality research outcomes.

Research Fellows also contribute to their local community teaching once a week in a neighbourhood polytechnic, industrial training institute or engineering college for the duration of their PhD.

Vineetha Vincent is among the awarded candidates and is jointly supervised by UQ Associate Professor Nicholas Osborne and IITD Professor Sagnik Dey investigating the health risks of heat stress in the current and future climate.

Prime Minister’s Research Fellowship recipient, Vineetha Vincent

“Extreme heat events have been increasing due to climate change over the past three decades.” “Understanding the effects of heat on human health is an urgent priority.”

Vineetha was initially inspired to get involved with the joint PhD program for the opportunity to collaborate across faculties and is grateful for her mentors’ unwavering support and guidance at both institutions.

“Interdisciplinary collaboration is crucial for impactful research to thrive.”

“I am confident that the two esteemed universities provide fertile grounds for researching the health impacts of climate change and will help form the bedrock of my future aspirations.”

The Prime Minister fellowship has provided Vineetha with both financial aid and the opportunity to be part of a community of outstanding researchers in India.

“For me the Fellowship means a great inspirational step in my research career, and it provides financial support that allows me to chase my research ambitions without being weighed down by financial limitations.”

“I’m eagerly looking forward to use this opportunity and the available resources to make a meaningful contribution to our planet and society, driven by my deep connection to the natural world.”

The PMRF has gone through 11 cycles to date and 18 students of the Academy have received this fellowship since 2019.

Congratulations to the three Prime Minister’s Research Fellowship (PMRF) scheme recipients:

The UQ-IITD joint PhD program has graduated 4 doctorates and has 100 students currently enrolled. On completion of the program, students receive a jointly awarded Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) from both UQ and IITD. For more information, visit the Academy website. ​