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IITD Supervisor Science and Mathematics

Professor Amartya Sengupta

Department of Physics

UQ Supervisor Medicine, Health and Behavioural Sciences
IITD Supervisor Engineering

Professor Amit Rawal

Department of Textile and Fibre Engineering

UQ Supervisor Engineering IT and Computer Science

Associate Professor Anders Eriksson

School of Information Technology and Electrical Engineering

UQ Supervisor Agriculture and Environment Science and Mathematics

Dr Anthony Halog

School of Earth and Environmental Sciences

UQ Supervisor Business Management, Economics and Law
IITD Supervisor Engineering

Dr Anurag Goyal

Department of Mechanical Engineering

IITD Supervisor Engineering

Professor Anurag Rathore

Department of Chemical Engineering

IITD Supervisor Agriculture and Environment Science and Mathematics

Professor Anushree Malik

Center for Rural Development & Technology

IITD Supervisor IT and Computer Science

Dr Aparajita Bandyopadhyay

Joint Advanced Technology Center