Puspita Chanda

About Puspita

Puspita completed her Bachelor of Science in Physics from Bethune College, University of Calcutta. She was the recipient of INSPIRE SHE scholarship awarded by Govt of India. She completed her Master of Science in Physics from the University of Delhi. She received her Master of Technology degree from the IIT Delhi. She was M.Tech Representative in Students Affairs Council and pg coordinator in the IIT Delhi alumni association during the final year of her M.Tech degree. Her current research area is THz spectroscopy and imaging.

Project details

I. Application of non-contact THz spectroscopic imaging towards preservation of heritage structures in India

This project will involve experimental studies and data analyses for important heritage buildings, like the Taj Mahal. It will use a THz broadband imaging system at IIT Delhi, followed by THz s-SNOM spectroscopy facilities at UQ to explore non-invasive detection of sub-surface faults within marble.

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UQ Supervisor

Professor Aleksandar Rakic

School of Information Technology and Electrical Engineering
IITD Supervisor

Professor Amartya Sengupta

Department of Physics