Media and Internet Concentration in India

About this project

Project description

This project addresses the fundamental question of how much concentration of ownership determines the operations and markets of the India media economy. Working with an international team of over 50 researchers addressing media concentration at the global scale, the India country team based at UQ are engaged in an analysis of ownership and market share across all sectors of the Indian media economy for the period 2011-2027.

A UQIDAR candidate would undertake primary research into the market share and ownership of companies operating in digital sectors of the media economy, notably digital media platforms, network and infrastructure providers and OTT content providers. Sector by sector mapping will be conducted using company records data, financial data and user data, along with attention to secondary sources in industry literature, regulatory reports and commercial data sets.

The collection of data will be particular to each sector, and the candidate will work with supervisors to determine a robust empirical methodology for a specific subsector, to be determined in consultation with supervisors at UQ and IIT D. Research design will take place in year one, with annual collections of empirical data for the duration of the project. An original analytical avenue will be explored in year two, in consultation with supervisors, and followed through to conclusion in a doctoral thesis in year 3.


  • Annual collections of industry data.
  • Analytical contributions to joint academic publications.
  • Contribution to policy reports and submissions to regulatory bodies and policy makers in India.
  • Comparative multinational analysis with a global network of researchers.

Information for applicants

Essential capabilities

Research Methods Training in Humanities and Social Sciences High Level Writing Skills in English and an Indian Language.

Desireable capabilities

Interview and Social Research Skills Business Process Analysis Industry Experience in the Digital Sector Data Analysis and Visualisation Econometric Analysis.

Expected qualifications (Course/Degrees etc.)

A combination of Bachelors and Masters Qualifications in the following subjects: Management Commerce Sociology Communication and Cultural Studies Information Technology & Systems.

Candidate Discipline

Media and Communications Digital Economy Political Economy International Business.

Project supervisors

Principal supervisors

UQ Supervisor

Associate professor Adrian Athique

School of Communication and Arts
IITD Supervisor

Dr Vigneswara Ilavarasan

Professor in Charge of the Academy at IITD
Indian Institute of Technology Delhi