Redefining Boundaries: The Impact of Generative AI in Organizations

About this project

Project description

Recent developments around generative AI, such as ChatGPT, promises to have a large impact on business and society . Generative AI may drive value by working in partnership with workers, augmenting their work in ways that accelerate their productivity. For example, generative AI can assist developers in auto-completing their programming tasks, assist in developing product content, assist as a customer service agent and with more mundane tasks such as writing emails and agendas. It can thus considerably redefine work processes and tasks. Simultaneously, generative AI is also expected to bring new challenges to business and industries such as data privacy and security, intellectual property right violation, legal concerns, cost associated with required infrastructure and implementation, etc.
The rise of generative AI also raises questions around the role of the human in the loop, how organizations make sense AI generated content, how generative AI is managed in organizations, and the veracity of information and the implications for organizations. This project will explore the emerging use and social implications of generative AI. Using both innovative qualitative and quantitative methodologies, the objective will be to develop an understanding of strategic intention, adaptive execution, re framing of institutional logics and relational restructuring triggered by the adoption and use of generative AI.
Students will do a combination of fieldwork and desk work while being expected to also contribute to writing journal-based and other articles, present findings at conferences and collaboratively build with supervisors a body of knowledge that is both practical and academic. We do not expect the student to be proficient about generative AI but familiarity with this technology would be helpful. We expect the student to be appreciative of social sciences and the role technology plays in organizations and society. Familiarity with qualitative techniques is a plus.
The PhD project will be focused on the academic fields of information systems and management.


The project will offer new insights that can inform organizations to make more effective use of generative AI.

The project will forge new partnerships between the supervision team, which will lead to future collaboration and research projects.

In addition, the inter-disciplinary collaboration will help deliver new insights and theory on technology change and the interaction between AI and humans in organizations that will lead to high quality academic publications.

Information for applicants

Essential capabilities

Critical thinking, Good English language skills,

Desireable capabilities

Appreciation for Genrative AI

Expected qualifications (Course/Degrees etc.)

Masters degree in Social Science/Business/Technology

Project supervisors

Principal supervisors

UQ Supervisor

Associate professor Stan Karanasios

UQ Business School
IITD Supervisor

Assistant professor Agam Gupta

Department of Management Studies
Additional Supervisor

Dr Avijit Sengupta

UQ School of Business