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IITD Supervisor Engineering IT and Computer Science

Associate professor Sorav Bansal

Department of Computer Science and Engineering

External Supervisor Agriculture and Environment Science and Mathematics

Dr Soumen Maity

Tara Technology and Action for Rural Advancement

IITD Supervisor Science and Mathematics
IITD Supervisor Humanities Social Sciences and Education

Dr Sourabh Paul

Department of Humanities and Social Science

IITD Supervisor Engineering Science and Mathematics

Professor Sreedevi Upadhyayula

Department of Chemical Engineering

UQ Supervisor Business Management Economics and Law

Dr Srinwanti H. Chaudhury

UQ Business School

UQ Supervisor Business Management Economics and Law
UQ Supervisor Science and Mathematics

Professor Stephen Mahler

Australian Institute for Bioengineering and Nanotechnology (AIBN)

UQ Supervisor Engineering
IITD Supervisor Engineering

Assistant professor Subashish Datta

Department of Electrical Engineering